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Recycle Magic Show

This action packed show is always a big hit with the children as they are both entertained and informed at the same time.  Throughout the 45 minute show Chris explains the importance of re-using, reducing and recycling.  First of all there is a Magic Recycling Machine where household items are recycled in front of the audience.  Chris then discusses the importance of re-using items and demonstrates this by performing magic tricks with things such as an empty soup can and even demonstrates a routine using a set of bathroom taps.  The fun packed show also includes a magical play with four audience members telling the story of Stan the Recycle Man.  To finish the show Scruffy the Dog assists the children in a Magic Recycling game.  The Recycle Magic Show is an entertaining way to start off your school project.  This can then be followed by a recycling workshop where children turn every day household items into sculptures they can keep. We can adapt this to fit around your timetable and is ideal for a morning or afternoon session or if time is an issue you can just book the Recycle Magic Show on its own.